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Flawless Skin, Simplified...Naturally
Michelle Valeri is the founder of MV Skin Consulting in McKinney, Texas. She is a licensed Esthetician and Pi Fu Zhuan Jia, a skin expert in Eastern philosophy. She has elite training and proficient knowledge of Eastern Philosophical Strategies to bring your body back to balance so it will harmonize and continue to give you the healthy skin correction you desire.

She brings over 2 decades of natural healing, product development, and formal education to her skin care practice. Back in the 1990's she developed a product line that cleared acne and reversed wrinkles. When clients saw their improvements, they became very emotional. Their insecurities diminished in that moment. They became empowered learning they had control over their skin and how it aged.

Seeing the elevated self-esteem in so many clients, she knew she needed to open a skin care practice.
She had a successful skin spa in Tennessee, but has come home to Texas after being gone for 26 years.

She has just published her first book Flawless Skin, The 80/20 Solution. She is also a contributing author that will be featured in a best-selling book series, Silver Lining Stories Volume III, coming out in late 2017.

Whether you want to clear your acne, or reverse the effects of aging, Michelle can properly guide you on your journey to flawless skin with a healthy holistic approach.

Michelle Valeri is the only person in Texas trained with these specific techniques and using the Si Jin Bao product line to help members of McKinney and surrounding communities obtain healthy and beautiful looking skin.

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